Our Style

How long is the service?

Our service begins at 10:40 A.M. and ends by 12:00 P.M.

What kind of preaching will I hear?

The messages at Legacy are primarily expository verse-by-verse, but occasionally topical. Pastor Victor preaches through each verse of the text in a clear and concise manner, drawing out the truths of Scripture and the original intent of the authors.

What kind of music will I find?

The music of Legacy is a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary. Our ministry through music provides an opportunity for each person to express the adoration and love to God which has been shed abroad in their hearts. While our style is blended, the theology expressed in song is doctrinaly sound and glorifying to God.  

What kind of atmosphere will I enjoy?

The atmosphere of Legacy is comfortable, worshipful, and loving. You'll find people dressed in everything from shorts to suits. Most importantly, you'll find people who are caring, kind, loving, and excited about what God is doing in their lives and through the ministry of Legacy!

What about my children?

We invite your children to worship with us as a family throughout the service! We love showing them how to worship and sharing the joy of worship with them! We also provide a separate, exciting worship experience, during the sermon time, for those who prefer.